Social Media for Educators: Speak the language of your Students

Social Media for Educators: Speak the language of your Students

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Social Media have changed dramatically today’s society in a way we can no longer overlook! Many schools have chosen the path of prohibiting Social Media in classroom thus missing out on tremendous opportunities for learning and communicating efficiently with students. On the contrary we believe in welcoming and adopting Social Media in the classroom and turning them into educational tools to help students succeed! So join us, in a course where we will explore the most trending Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more in a variety of ways to help you keep up to date with modern technology and also to harness the power of these tools in order to offer a greater learning experience to your students!

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Target Group:

Teachers (Primary – Secondary)   


English, Greek



Course Fee:

€420 (Fully Funded)

Accommodation and other Expenses:

€140 per day (Fully Funded)

Travel Expenses:

Up to €1100 (Fully Funded)



Introduction on what Social Media are. Learn how to make a Facebook page for your classroom, plan events, post notes and remind students of assignment and homework deadlines. Increase communication by giving the opportunity to students to message teachers and other students with inquiries with no difficulty. Become yourself a news source by posting status updates or manage your newsfeed to follow different media and prominent influential people. Use the various Facebook groups and apps to make studying and learning more pleasant and easier.


Discover what Twitter and a hash tag is! Keep track of current events and ideas by creating explicit feeds the whole classroom can see. Create a news feed for a specific class so you can tweet about upcoming class news, events and homework. Connect with other schools, classrooms and educators in order to build a community. Setup a link with parents and increase their involvement.


Use Pinterest for motivating ways to decorate and organize the classroom. Search, discover, pin and organize photos, graphics, projects and videos, get ideas for future lesson plans and projects. Show students how to use Pinterest to their advantage for assignments and presentations and to get ideas to increase their creativity.


Make lessons unforgettable with the use of videos from YouTube. Discover how to take videos on YouTube and add annotations and quizzes to them. Become creative with your students by producing and editing videos of topics you have taught in class and uploading them to a YouTube channel for your class. Learn how record and upload your lessons on YouTube for students to be able to revisit a specific lesson.


Create a class blog for the classroom to stay informed on forthcoming events, assignments, deadlines, and other reminders. Offer the opportunity for students to contribute to the blog by writing and posting their ideas and thoughts on a specific subject. Add your assignments, classroom material and also offer polls for classroom decisions.


Workshops – Presentations – Portfolio – Evaluation.

* The course can be modified according to the preferences of the attendees

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