Internet Security: Think before you click

Internet Security: Think before you click

Course Description

Our digital world is changing rapidly. New ways of communication appear and while using them, we expose ourselves to new threats and risks.

It is easy to use social media: posting photos with your friends, sharing your location at a party… But how safe is it to use them so recklessly?   

With this course you will learn the basics about Internet Security, the dangers you might face online, how to prevent unauthorized access of your data and how to protect your online identity.

Topics Include

Useful Information

Target Group:

Teachers (Primary – Secondary), Youth Workers  


English, Greek



Course Fee:

€420 (Fully Funded)

Accommodation and other Expenses:

€140 per day (Fully Funded)

Travel Expenses:

Up to €1100 (Fully Funded)



Learn the basic concepts of Internet Security and how to protect yourself. Identify the threats that exist in the Internet world and learn more about antivirus software.


Do you know what Social Engineering is? Learn how to secure your computer files, prevent unauthorized access to your data and also the safest way to back up your personal data (cloud backup and backup to another device)


Learn how to remove completely files from your computer and your Internet history. Understand the meaning of Safe Browsing


Familiarize yourself with Social Media Security and how to improve it by making your own social media accounts safer and more private. Learn the dangers of sharing personal information.


How much do you know about Cybersecurity? Understand the meaning of cyberbullying and how to identify if someone is bullied or is the bully.   


Workshops – Presentations – Portfolio – Evaluation.

* The course can be modified according to the preferences of the attendees

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