Erasmus Plus Key Action (KA1) – Learning Mobility of Individuals

The Erasmus Plus KA1 Learning Mobility programme provides an excellent opportunity for all to participate in transnational mobility courses in different European countries. It is important to know that your organization can apply for multiple places at the same training course. Funding can be obtained  from the Erasmus+ programme, which (at least for our training courses) covers ALL of the necessary costs such as traveling, accommodation, daily expenses and tuition fee.

Our team of experts can support your throughout this process!

It is important to identify your organisation’s needs in terms of quality development and internationalization, as well as your plans for improvement. You have to identify the main areas for improvement (for example management competences, staff competences, new teaching methods or tools, European dimension, language competences, curriculum, the organisation of teaching and learning). All the above will help you to fill in the application form which can be found at your National Agency or at the official website of Erasmus+

According to the needs of your organization you will select the course that will assist your staff to acquire the appropriate competences and skills for quality improvement. Our team has prepared a challenging list of courses which is constantly updated and enriched.The areas covered are: European Issues, Information Technology, Health Education, Special Education and Teacher Education. Please inform us about your choice and reserve your place now. Your participation can be confirmed once you get a positive reply by your National Agency.

You will find your National Agency here:
Your National Agency can provide you with information in your language. In most cases National Agencies will have helpful instructions for participating in ERASMUS+ on their website. You will also have to submit your application to your National Agency.

Every organisation who wishes to apply in Erasmus+ must register on the European Commission’s Participant Portal.

Before registering on the Participant Portal, the person responsible for the registration of the organisation/body and who will have access to the entry and update of relevant information, will have to create an EU Login account by using the European Commission’s EU Login System (formally ECAS). The EU Login user manual will assist you to create the said EU Login account. 


Note: If you already have an ECAS account or EU Login from a previous participation in the programme, you can skip this step.

In case you need any help get in touch with the “Emphasys Team” ( or on Skype (emphasys.centre).



Once the ECAS account is created, the representative of the organisation/group that wishes to participate in the Erasmus + Programme must register on the European Commission’s Participant Portal.

Participant Portal for Registering on the URF

The registration on the Participant Portal results in the acquisition of a 9 digits Participant Identification Code (PIC number). This code is needed to submit applications, since by entering it in the e-application, all the information you had entered in the Portal regarding your organisation/group, will automatically appear in your application. This Portal is used for the e-management of European Programmes such as Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Europe for Citizens, EUAid Volunteers, Horizon 2020, CIP, COSME, etc. Please note that the same PIC number must be used in order to participate in all of the above mentioned programmes. Therefore, multiple registrations of the same organisation/ body must be avoided.

In cases where the organisation/body already has a PIC Number, this step should be skipped. If you are not certain whether your organisation/ body has been registered in the past by another colleague and thus has a PIC Number, you can search for the organisation in the Portal, so that multiple registrations of the same organisation/ body / informal youth group are avoided. 

Moreover, it is advisable to check whether all uploaded documents are still valid, or if the contact details of your organisation/body/ informal youth group/ contact person/ legal representative should be updated. 

Before the registration of the organisation, you are advised to read the User Manual for the Unique Registration Facility and the Participant Portal for Education, Audiovisual, Culture, Citizenship, and Volunteering, that can be found here

All organisations / bodies / informal youth groups that submit an application should upload the following documents on the European Commission’s Participant Portal:


Α. Legal entity form for public, private organisations, or individuals

The form must be submitted together with the following (if applicable):

  1. Copy of an official document (official gazette, registration certificate to the Registrar of   Companies or Associations/ clubs, etc.) showing the name of the legal entity, its Head Office address, and its registration number in the national authorities.
  2. Copy of the registration form for the VAT authority, if applicable, in case the VAT number does not appear on the official document referred to in the previous paragraph.
  3. Copy of ID or passport of its legal representative in case of an informal youth GROUP.

 Β. Bank Details Form

The Bank Details form must be completed in accordance with the instructions on the form itself.


C. Documents required for checking the financial capacity for applications for funding exceeding €60.000

If the applicant organisation is a private entity and applies for funding that exceeds €60.000, its  financial capacity must be checked. The financial capacity check does not apply in the case of public bodies or international organisations. 
In order to check the financial capacity of an organisation, the applicant’s profit and loss account and the balance sheet of the past audited financial year must be uploaded on the Participant Portal. 

Newly created entities that fail to produce the documents concerning the financial capacity check should contact their National Agency for instructions.

Regarding the management of the data entered in the Participant Portal, you are advised to study the statement on the Policy for protection of privacy in the context of the validation of legal entities and bank accounts.

All application forms will be obtained by your National Agency. Please make sure that the completed e-form is for KA1 – Learning Mobility. There are several forms, so make sure that you select the appropriate one for your organisation and status (e.g. learning mobility for staff-school education). Please note that the application has to be filled out by the school, not by individual teachers according to the European Development Plan. Each school can apply for more than one teacher for the project plan of 1 or 2 years. There is no need to specify the training dates at this stage. If you need help do not hesitate to contact us.

Once your proposal has been submitted you have to wait for the results of your National Agency. Each country announces the results at different times, but it is expected that by the end of June 2018 all results for KA1 will be announced.

If you are in a creative mood, there is time to explore the possibility of participating in a KA2 – Strategic Partnership proposal in the field of education, training and youth. The “Emphasys Team” can assist you with this idea. Check our website, our Facebook Page or send us an email with your interests, needs and challenges at

When you receive positive feedback from your agency, please let us know so we can confirm your participation at your chosen course, country and date. The “Emphasys Team” is available to organize the practicalities of your learning experience in the countries where the courses are offered. So there is nothing to worry about accommodation, travelling, events, activities and cultural trips.