Key Action 1 course Internet Security 4-9/3/2019 is CONFIRMED and SCHEDULED!

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young!"
Henry Ford
American industrialist

Professional Development is the key to success! Passion, hard work, persistence, patience and vision have always been the qualities of the Emphasys team.

Our vision is to provide European learners with the key competences and skills which will assist them to explore their potential and capabilities in reaching out to succeed in their professional or academic careers. It is our belief that teaching and learning is an exciting interactive journey that never stops. We invite you you to join one of our high quality course where you will get the opportunity to visit an educational establishment in another country and to emerge in a rich cultural experience together with other people from different countries and background.

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Each course is designed based on the current trends of the area under investigation and is adopted according to the needs, interests and background knowledge of each group of learners.

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This course was great. I learned a lot of new things, which I will use in the future.

Everything was well organised. Participants had all reasons to feel comfortable – place, communication, content of the course.

It was a very good course. The cultural experience was the best I have seen in many years.